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Protected Files

Files in this page are intended for use only by specific people. They are password protected and encrypted with secure AES-256 encryption, therefore rendering them unusable unless you possess the password. These files might also be hosted only temporarily, so please ensure that you download them as soon as you receive the password in your email.

Unlocking instruction (for .7z and .zip files):

  • Most file archiving program will be able to handle the file
    • Open the file, enter the password and extract the containing file
  • If the above step does not work, then download 7-zip here (free software)
    • If you have a 32-bit Windows (most standard laptop), select the first file on the list
    • If you have a 64-bit Windows (most high-end laptop and computers with >4GB RAM), then you want the third file on the list
    • If you have a Linux or a Macintosh, then scroll down the download page and find one for your particular system
  • Install 7-zip, open the file and input the password
    • Due to the nature of files shared on this page (confidentiality, copyrighted material, etc), the password have been randomly generated and may include symbols and numbers
    • To avoid errors, please copy and paste the password I sent from your email instead of trying to type it in yourself
  • Extract the file
    • After you have extracted the file to another directory, you will not need to input the password everytime you open the file
Unlocking instruction (for .exe files)
  • To open this file, you need to be running Windows. Macintosh and Linux computers will not be able to handle this type of file
  • Double click on the file and input the password
  • Choose where you want to extract the file and extract
  • You will not need to enter the password again to access the extracted files
Unlocking instruction (for .pdf, .doc/x, .xls/x, .ppt/x, etc)
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