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Page Created: 15 January 2011
Last Reviewed: 02 April 2011
I have recently started experimenting with photography. I bought myself a Sony Alpha 55 and a few extra accessories. I also got bought a Pro account with photobucket so that I can host my high-resolution files.

The photos I show in this section have been scaled down (to about 1024x640) for fast loading over the internet. The original file is very high resolution, about 4912x3264 pixels sq and are about 8MB each in size, which is just not practical for simple previewing over the internet. You can still preview the photos in their original size (click on the photo, choose zoom to original size - does not work on all browsers), but you won't be able to download them.

If you want to reproduce any photos, please contact me for permission. If I agree, I will provide you with the high resolution 4912x3264 pixels sq JPEG file (or the RAW file if I have it). You can also contact me if you want to discuss any of my work. Use the links on the sidebar to browse through the subpages in this section. Enjoy!

Click here to see all my photos (including unfinished and unedited sets)
Click here to see showcased photos (handpicked and optimised)

Equipment List
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TypeBrandNameCommentsDate Acquired
TypeBrandNameCommentsDate Acquired
Camera Body Sony SLT-α55  16 January 2011 
Case/Bag Kata 3N1-33 Expensive, amazing quality, high cap 17 January 2011 
Case/Bag Lowepro Rezo 120AW Can only fit camera body and short lens 18 January 2011 
Filter Jessops UV Filter 62mm For lens protection 21 January 2011 
Filter Hoya UV Filter 55mm For lens protection 16 January 2011 
Flashgun Jessops 360AFD Digital Flashgun Decent quality, suitable for starter 21 January 2011 
Lens Tamron 70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di LD Great lens for the asking price 21 January 2011 
Lens Vivitar 650-300mm F/8-16 MF Bought this for laughs - not to used much 29 January 2011 
Lens Sony SAL-1855 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 SAM 16 January 2011 
Tripod Generic Generic Tripod   
Showing 10 items